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11月8日 Non-local generation of plasma in a magnetic nozzle
2019-11-04|【 【打印】【关闭】

  报告人:Professor  Rod Boswell

  时 间:11月8日,星期五,10:00 AM

  地 点:四号楼601会议室


  Many linear devices use converging magnetic fields to axially contain plasmas via adiabatic reflection. However, when a plasma source is located on the axis but somewhat distant from a magnetic nozzle, in certain cases, the plasma density has been shown to increase up the magnetic field gradient. This observation has led to some debate on the forces in play and whether simple fluid concepts like the Boltzmann equation can be usefully employed in trying to understand the system. As most of the experiments were not designed to expressly study this behaviour, the present study reports plasma measurements in a newly purpose built reactor which features a 1.5 m long glass tube where a solenoidal magnetic field and a RF generated plasma source can be progressively separated. Therefore, this study focuses on the behaviour of a low pressure radio-frequency plasma incident on a remote, converging-diverging magnetic nozzle.


  About the Presenter:

  Rod Boswell, is Emeritus Professor of Research School of Physics and Engineering at Australian National University, and Elected Fellow of American Physical Society, Australian Academy of Technological Sciences, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry and Australian Academy of Sciences. He has over 220 papers published in major international journals including Nature and Physical Review Letters. He is the Deputy Editor of Physics of Plasmas and a reviewer and adjudicator for another 10 journals. His research activities cover plasma physics and broad applications, including plasma propulsion, plasma-material interaction and high beta plasmas in the laboratory and astrophysics. One of his most well-known achievements is the first realization of helicon plasma in the world, which has wide applications due to the remarkable ionization efficiency and high plasma density. In the field of plasma propulsion, he has been working on helicon double layer thruster and due stage 4 grid thruster, together with Christine Charles, and invented the concept of pocket rocket which can be used as micro propulsion for cubic satellites. He has been just selected as 2019 Laureate of AAPPS-DPP Plasma Innovation Prize of Plasma Physics.


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